What is Ethical Eating?

Plug into ethical eating. This means doing what is right.
In a macro sense, what's right for the world; in a micro sense, what's right for self health.


As you weigh various priorities, values, and consumer tradeoffs, here are some questions you might consider:

1. What types of sustainable-agricultural practices did the growers use? What soil-building and protecting strategies do they employ?

2. Were animals raised on pasture or in the wild (versus feedlots and containment facilities)?

3. Were animals treated humanely? Did they live in decent, healthy, environmentally safe conditions?

4. Were these vegetables grown from heirloom seeds, which helps to keep diversity in our food supply?

5. Where is this food from? How far did it have to travel to get to me? How much fossil fuel was required to grow, harvest, and transport it?

6. Were the people who grew and harvested this food treated well? Did they receive a fair price for their labor?

7. Does buying this food contribute to a sustainable food system?

8. Is the food certified organic, or otherwise process-vetted? Is there any way I can find out how it was raised or grown?

9. Can I visit or research the farm or facility to see their practices and production?

10. Does this food support my health and happiness as well as that of others?